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The MoonieNFT Collection brings your favorite cryptocurrencies to life! Moonies are personifications of popular cryptocurrencies giving you access to the amazing play-to-earn metaverse known as the "Moonieverse"! In the first collection Bitty, Ettie, and Doggie were introduced representing BTC, ETH, and DOGE respectively. In the second collection comes Cardie, Solie, and Dottie - fun characterizations of ADA, SOL, and DOT! Get ready to blast into the Moonieverse and earn while playing fun games!


Bitcoin maximalist and De-Fi connoisseur.


Tech genius. Rides bikes because gas fees are too high.


Loves low-cap gems and moonshots.


Can't ever seem to finish building his rocket.


Moonieverse Diplomat. Loves making connections.


One of the fastest in the Moonieverse!


Just happy to be here.

Each Moonie will be UNIQUE...

Frequently Asked Questions

During the Race, we will build and prepare the Rockets for take-off.

Chest Claiming

I finished the claiming process, where is my Moonchest?

All of the free Moonchests will be available when the event ends on the 28th/29th of August. Shortly after the event ends, the Moonies will be given out.

How can we buy more Moonchests?

You will be able to purchase more Moonchests with the $MNY token that will be listed publicly soon.

What's in the free claimed Moonchest?

The Moonchest contains a Normie (ETH Network only), a chance to earn a seat on the IDO rocket (ETH & BSC) and also 3 lucky winners will receive a Genesis Moonie (ETH Network only).

How many free Moonchests will there be?

The supply of Moonchests being claimed until the 28th is unlimited.


When can we mint Moonies?

This project does not require minting. The Moonies will all be in Moonchest pre-minted.

How many Moonies are there going to be?

There is going to be an Unlimited amount of Normies, but there will be 2k OG Moonies for each type. There is currently 3 OG types: Doggie, Ettie, and Bitty.

What is the ticket price for the 100K race?

Price Race Tickets will start at the price of 5 Moonchests, as you increase in ticket class the cost of the tickets (in Moonchests) will increase as well.

After burning a Normie, how long have you got access to the Research Lab?

When you burn a Normie you will gain access to the Research Lab for 1 week only. After that you will need to burn another for another week. Remember you can win Moonchests in our arcade games, so you will have opportunities to get a free Moonie without having to purchase another Moonchest!

How do you level up your moonie?

You can earn levels by playing Moonieverse Arcade Games and competing on weekly leaderboards or by stacking the same Moonie type!

Can we burn all Moonie types to access the Research Lab?

No, only Normies can be burned to access the Research Lab.

If your Moonie gets drawn as a winner in 1/300 for the price race, and has the highest rank at the end as well, will the player get 110K total?

Yes, if your Moonie wins the Grand Price Race Prize while also being on the top of the Leaderboards you will win a grand total of 110k!

What is a NFT?

A Non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset, stored on an unchanging database called a blockchain. NFTs by nature are special due to the fact that they are all one-of-a-kind tokens, unlike the traditional tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Each NFT has its own signature and contract address. This certifies its authenticity, ownership, and uniqueness. Some examples of NFTs include collectables, tickets, and digital art.

What is a Moonie?

Moonies are the main attraction to the MoonieNFT platform and the Moonieverse. Moonies aren't your average NFTs. Moonies are interactive, unique, and highly collectible due to their wide range of functions. Each Moonie grants you access to various activities, including The Research Lab, Arcade Games and Price Races.

Can I buy Moonies with fiat?

Currently the only way to purchase a Moonie is with $MNY tokens.

How do I get my own Moonie?

To get your own Moonie you’ll need to get your hands on some Moonie tokens ($MNY) first. Similar to arcade tokens, $MNY tokens are the usable currency on the MoonieNFT platform for all Moonieverse games and activities. You can get $MNY by swapping it for Ethereum or other ERC20 tokens. Then you use your $MNY to purchase a Moonchest. Open your Moonchest and receive your very own unique Moonie!

Will I lose my Moonie if I enter it into a Race or Research Lab?

If you have a Normie (Common Moonie), you can choose to burn it in exchange for 1 weeks access to the Research Lab. A unique genesis Moonie like a Doggie, Ethie, or Bittie are able to enter the 100k Moon Race and are not burned. You can keep reusing your genesis Moonies for all future Moon Races!

Where can I keep up-to-date on Moonies?

You can keep up to date with news and updates about the MoonieNFT project on our socials:

Can you please introduce your project and the problems you want to solve / solutions you are proposing?

The Moonie NFT project is a collection of 100% usable NFTs that give you access to our interactive play-to-earn platform known as the Moonieverse. In the Moonieverse you can play games, win prizes, earn yield, and participate in price races between your favorite cryptocurrencies. With features such as The Research Lab, Price races, and Arcade Games, the Moonieverse is jam packed with interactive and fun activities where you're able to play with your Moonie and earn big rewards! One of our most exciting features is the $100k grand prize price race to the Moon where you can board a rocket that you think will hit its price target first and earn rewards along the way, with the 100k grand prize winner selected amongst participants of the winning rocket! We hope to revolutionize the NFT play-to-earn experience by building a platform that sets the new standard for gamified yield generation and play-to-earn gaming!

What makes the Moonie NFT unique?

A Moonie isn’t just your average NFT. Your Moonie is your key to access the vast and exciting Moonieverse. With a collection of interactive play-to-earn activities, the Moonieverse aims to provide a fun and exciting experience with gamified yield generation, arcade games, and the 100k grand prize race to the Moon! In the Moonieverse we hope to provide an all encompassing play-to-earn crypto experience where users can play fun games, earn big rewards, and have a great time while doing it.

What is your project trying to achieve in the longer term? How will your ultimate vision and mission make a difference in the world?

Our goal with Moonies is to make NFTs more interactive, and more accessible to the public. We believe that the NFT has far more to offer beyond just digital art. We want to build an NFT that gives you a fun and interactive experience that you can share with others. We also are on a mission to make the intimidating world of cryptocurrency far more palatable and accessible to the world by providing a portal into the crypto sphere through our fun and interactive NFTs.

Can you elaborate more on the price races, how do they work?

Once you buy a Ticket, you can enter a Rocket. There are 3 classes of seats, the higher the class the more visible your Moonie avatar is in these historic vessels! Every seat has an equal chance of winning. The 3 classes of seats are:

  • -First
  • -Business
  • -Economy

Each rocket has several price milestones on the way to the Moon, each time a price milestone is hit passengers will receive Moonieverse rewards! If your rocket reaches its final price target first, you become 1/300 entered into the $100k Price Race. You will have a 1/300 (0.33%) chance of winning!

We have also recently created a Price Race Explanation Video! Check it out!

How long do you think it’ll take for you to release a working model that the community can access?

We have been working hard developing the Mooniverse and we are excited to announce that we are planning for a full platform launch as well as our first arcade games in late september! Get ready to blast into the Moonieverse!

For all the gamers here, can you tell us more about the types of games that will emerge around the Moonie universe?

The Moonieverse will be jam packed with fun and interactive Arcade Games with our first arcade games coming late september! Our first arcade games will be available on mobile devices. New arcade games will continually be added to the platform so there is no limit to how many there will be!

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem?

We have extensive plans regarding onboarding non crypto users as Moonies will become the gateway to the crypocurencies for many people. You can think for example about FIAT on ramps and cheaper Moonchest options or the "real world" events for our community members.

What are the rewards for price milestones in Moonieverse rewards?

Price Race milestone rewards will be distributed in the form Moonchest Airdrops!

The 4 unique Moonie NFT’s are

  • 1. Doggie
  • 2. Ettie
  • 3. Bitty
  • 4. Normie

Can you explain how each of these NFT’s are unique? And when Doggie, Ettie, Bitty has a limited supply of 2000 why did you decide to have unlimited supply for Normie NFT’s?

Each of these NFTs are unique because they are handcrafted by our talented creative team at Flying Bisons. We decided to add some fun features to our Moonie NFTs to make them even more attractive to collector. The reason we chose to make our Genesis Moonies rare and limited is because we wanted to ensure that there is demand for them and competition for the rockets. Normies are our common Moonies but they are also highly usable!

To learn more about Moonie rarity please check out our article here


How are Polychain Monsters connected to MoonieNFT?

We are excited to have Polychain Monsters as our main Investor and Advisor, they incubated the MoonieNFT project! For a limited time you could buy a booster pack ( a way to get a Polychain Monster) and draw a special type of Polychain Monster - Unair Moonie. This Unair Moonie acted as a ticket for our IDO.

Who are some supporters of the Moonie NFT Project and what partnerships does the project have?

MoonieNFT is backed by and partnered with many great leaders within the Blockchain community! Some of our backers and partnerships include Polychain, Ash WSB, Moonboots Captial, Polygon, Veriori, and Swipers. Moonies is also partnered with Flying Bisons, a digital consultancy company that has represented blue chip clients such as KFC, IKEA, and VAIOT. The team consists of over 50 creative professionals.

$MNY Token

What's the importance of the $MNY token and for what will it be used?

The $MNY token is your gateway to the Moonieverse. You can use $MNY to purchase Moonchests and draw your very own unique Moonie beginning your journey into Moonieverse games and activites! You can also stake your $MNY in the Research Lab to earn yield while entering a chance to win the Research Lab prize pool where interest earned on pooled funds is distributed as a prize!

What are $MNY tokens and how can I get some?

Similar to arcade tokens, $MNY tokens are the usable currency on the MoonieNFT platform for all Moonieverse games and activities. You can get $MNY on UNISWAP by swapping it for Ethereum or other ERC20 tokens.

Is there a contract address for $MNY?

Not yet, public listing is coming soon!

Is $MNY required to level up moonies?

No, $MNY Token is not required to level up your Moonies! You can level up your moonies by stacking the same Moonie type, or winning weekly leaderboards!


Could you tell us a bit about the team?

The Moonie NFT Team is lucky to have many talented and experienced professionals involved with the project. Moonie NFT was founded by blockchain experts Michał Szachno and Łukasz Kowalski.

Michał specializes in blockchain technology, business development, and the crypto industry. He is also the co-founder of VIAOT, an AI legal assistant built on the blockchain.

Łukasz specializes in blockchain development, he is also the co-founder of Flying Bisons, a digital consultancy company from Poland with over 50 highly skilled specialists on board.

Moonies are coming soon!

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Get your IDO seat

To sit in an IDO Rocket you need to have your own Moonie! Purchase or claim a Moonchest to get one for free!

Get your IDO seat

To sit in an IDO Rocket you need to have your own Moonie! Purchase or claim a Moonchest to get one for free!